Do you want to acquire both academic and entertaining experiences by travelling to universities of your choice in Europe? Every year, each of the 96 Local BEST Groups organizes seminars focusing on a certain field of technology, in order to provide knowledge and develop skills of participants.

There are 3 types of Courses:

BEST Courses on Technology
Expand the professional knowledge in a certain field of technology, concerning modern technical applications of technology and the latest research achievements.

BEST Courses on Applied Engineering
Give students the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice, by working in groups and solving specific time-bounded tasks.

BEST Courses on Career Related Skills
Provide knowledge in areas such as: marketing, economics, etc. ,
develop personal skills in topics linked with working methods, communication techniques, project and organizational management and other soft skills*
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*Soft skills complement hard skills (technical knowledge), which are the occupational requirements of a job. Soft skills topics are for example: presentation, facilitation, feedback, teamwork, virtual teamwork, effective meetings, conflict solving, leadership, motivation, etc.

BEST Courses are seasonal events, so according to the season that they take place there are:

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  • Winter Courses
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  • Spring Courses
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  • Summer Courses
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  • Autumn Courses
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During the BEST Courses participants attend lectures (in English) given by teachers from the local universities or experts in the subject of the course, they visit companies, industrial factories or research institutes and participate in case studies. At the end of the course, there will be an examination (e.g. project, presentation, oral/written exam, practical work) which is one of the requirements for the participants to receive the certificate. The courses last 7 to 14 days and besides the academic program there will be guided tours, games and excursions that introduce the participants to the culture and the people of the host country. The courses take place in the 96 universities where a Local BEST Group exists and can be attended by at least 22 students of those universities. With maximum amount of fee being 45€, BEST provides to the participants accommodation (in the university dormitories or in a hostel), meals (three meals per day, one of them will be hot) and transportation to lectures and all activities related to the contents of the event.

BEST Patras – Summer Course
It is established for BEST Patras to organize a Summer Course every year , which takes place after the summer exams and lasts about 10 days.

Some of our previous courses:

Summer Course 2015 – Smells like green spirit!
Summer Course 2014 – App Wars: Attack of the UbiComps
Summer Course 2013 – Key Enabling Technologies in Manufacturing of the Future
Summer Course 2012 – Use of engineering for the conservation of archeological monuments and buildings.
Summer Course 2011 – Re-create engineering: Think out of the box!
Summer Course 2010 – 010: My name is Art, Tech Art.

To get more information about upcoming events and deadlines visit BEST international
List of Courses